The heaviest woman has made the impossible by losing 250 Kg of her weight


The hilarious loss of 250 Kg has been considered as an unprecedented achievement. Doctors have never expected such a thing to happen, they have been thinking the estimated loss will be around 98Kg of her total weight!

The press, social media and public opinion considered this as a revolutionary step in the medical field. It was never thought of before. Unfortunately Iman has lost the title along. The operation has been done in a local hospital in Mumbai and before the operation doctors claimed an estimated weight loss of only 98 Kg! 

Egyptian higher authorities have planned an official visit including the minister of external affairs and Egyptian counselor accompanied with their wives. They have expressed their warmest congratulations to the medical stuff for their amazing success.Iman after operation

The story of the major surgery Iman has gone through has started when the Indian government granted the fattest woman in the world an approval to be admitted to a top rated hospital in India. The full expense of the intervention has been paid by the Indian government.

Iman’s flight to India was so special as her weight is not supported by an ordinary plane! A special airbus plane equipped with a large bed was Iman’s solution to travel to India!

It was an exhausting trip for Iman but it was surrounded with her desperate hope to get an ordinary weight back and enjoy moving around just like any other lady in her age! She wished for the suffering to end up….Amazingly half of the weight has gone away after the operation and she is doing well by now!

It has been said that the cause behind the appearance of this rare condition is a genetic abnormality which makes the victims feel a continuous increasing need for food.

Iman is still in India since late February and the doctors are still supervising the progress of her state to make sure everything is going alright.

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Now everything is fine with Iman’s vital indications and all is going well but she is suffering from marginal side effects because of the progressive medical interventions.

Iman has undergone a gastric banding and she is still in an Indian hospital lying on a special bed which fits for her abnormal weight.

But the crucial and challenging question is: Would it possible for Iman to walk on her own feet again…. the coming days  would give a definite answer. Fortunately we got some great news of Iman, she is now able to sit on a wheelchair for the first time after losing 250 Kg. Continue to next page to see the videos recently published.