Have you ever wondered why your cat stretches that much?


Cats, just like humans, use body language to communicate, and the act of stretching can be interpreted differently depending on the situation.

First of all, cats stretch because it helps them relax, it also feels good and increases blood flow, like Andrew Cuff -a postdoctoral researcher of anatomy at the Royal Veterinary College in London- said. He also told Live Science that stretching increases the blood pressure that drops when the feline is sleeping or relaxed. Since we all know that cats seem to be lazy pets, because they can remain immobile for long hours, and commonly sleep between 12 and 16 a day, the main reason for stretching is to get the cat’s body to its normal activity.

Cats Also stretch to show affection and trust:

Stretching is a vulnerable posture for cats, which means your cat is feeling comfortable with you. When your cat leaves his limbs and tail totally exposed he’s telling you that he feels very secure around you, he also stretches whenever he wants to greet you.

The “belly-up” position means there is total trust towards the person he’s interacting with.

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