Crazy!! This man decided to sit on eggs for 22 days for unbelievable reason


Very strange events are being regularly published online or on international media. Fame seekers are grasping public attention to gain a public views.

One of the funniest stories published on UK daily mail online version is the story of a 44 years old French artist called Abraham Poincheval who has decided to sit on dozen eggs warming them up and wait till they hatch!

He spent 24 hours a day sitting on the eggs and the process will last for about 22 days. He was waiting the eggs to hatch just like a real hen would! Massive interest was shown by the media to get daily fresh update of the story. Soon, it turned to be a global press theme.

He was captured laying on the eggs in a glass vitrine at Paris modern museum until the chicks would start to appear. He had a half hour of rest every day. Additionally, He went on a strict diet rich in ginger to control his body temperature at 37 degrees. The French artist was known to go on a number of strange practices like spending seven days inside a rock. He lately appeared wrapped in a conventional Korean cape sitting on a table trying to be so careful so that the eggs would remain safe and sound!!! protecting them against any possible crush.

He declared that spending such a long period sitting on eggs has made him so worried. The devoted hen man has prepared luxury stuff to his expected chicks! He compared the hen cycle to that of women at productive age and he found them nearly similar. His son claimed that his father took inspiration from French writer Guy de Maupassant.