8 hilarious things babies can do before they turn 1 year


Your baby is a miraculous creature who would share your life adventure. Babies are commonly marked by pure innocence and total obedience but no one of us has attempted to dive deep in his baby’s reactions and top secrets.

1- Babies can recall past events and experiences

In a study which has been conducted recently, new mothers to be were asked to read a given story in a loud voice twice a day while they were pregnant. After they were born, the babies preferred to hear the same stories told by their mothers months ago and rejected other different stories.

63- Babies are cooperative creatures

A number of studies and experiments have shown that six months babies and above are very friendly creatures who like to be engaged in a cooperative activity.  For example, if one of the family members pretends not being able to open a closed door, the baby would try his best to help pushing the door repeatedly.