8 drinks that will boost your metabolism and tone up your body.


The human body is full of endless secrets and outstanding mysteries. The way your body is performing follows a huge complex of underlying operations and sub-missions. So to understand your body mechanisms you need to build up a strong culture related to metabolism. If you are trying to keep your body healthy and fit or trying to get rid of some extra weight, here are some choices of metabolism boosters.

7Strawberry smoothie

More protein is needed to build up strong muscles: The key to strengthen your muscles is to consume more protein. A milkshake recipe is good for some additional protein in your body. This milkshake increases your protein intake, strawberries activate your metabolism. Mix up the following ingredients in the blender:

½ liter of skimmed milk, 1cup of strawberries, ½ cup of oats, 1cup of natural yogurt, ¼ cup of flax seeds. They are blended all together. The final outcome is an amazing strawberry flavor.